Hello all. I’ve started a new blog. My first blog post is on my word for the year. Yes, I realize we’re halfway through the seventh month of 2015, but I hadn’t really searched for what my word of the year COULD be; I only ever spoke of wanting one. It wasn’t until today that I really felt like the Lord had given me a word for the year.

Before I tell you my word, let me share something with you. As my job, I work with kids everyday; two years old to be exact. There are plenty of stories I could tell you, but just this one should suffice for now. One of my kids is always on high alert for the possibility of the other kids stealing the toys he’s playing with. Because of this, he tends to hoard toys and runs around with them in a shopping cart, always on the look out for potential “toy stealers”. He has so many toys, he doesn’t know what to do with them. And he most likely won’t even have the chance to play with all of it. He holds them so tightly that sometimes he doesn’t even have a chance to enjoy himself.

You see, when I recount this story I don’t even realize I’m talking about a child. Because it just sounds so much like ME. And it is, in a way. I hoard my worries. I hoard my control. I snatch it up and put it in my “shopping cart” before I even give God the chance to release me from it.

I’ve lived most of my life hung up on possibilities. The possibility of danger. The possibility of something not going my way. The possibility that people that will hurt me. The possibility of embarrassment. The possibility of not being ENOUGH. And the list goes on.. I’m a textbook control freak/worrier. The funny thing is, all of these are REAL possibilities, but they’re not WORTH it.

I consider myself to be a happy and positive person, but sometimes these “possibilities” creep up on me and I feel like I have no control. Hence the many anxiety attacks I’ve had; as well as spells of depression. (But that’s a blogpost for another time) I refuse to continue to live my life this way. I no longer want to walk through life pushing this shopping cart full of things I “NEED” control of.

All of that to say: I know what my word is. My word is RELEASE. Because I know longer WANT hold of these things. I release all of my worries, fear, and control to God. There is an immense amount of freedom in doing that.

The Lord has invited into the freedom He gives. The LOVE He has for me. In the POWER of His name. And the redemption He brings along with all of that. And for what seems like, the FIRST time in my life, I ACCEPT these things.

So, will you join me? Will you dump out that shopping cart filled with things you want to control? My shopping cart isn’t empty yet, but with the Lord, I’m well on my way.

– J

{photo by me}

4 thoughts on “Release.

  1. this is incredibly inspiring, sweet Jordan!!! this was exactly what I needed to read!!! thank you for sharing your heart through this blog post!! you’re a world changer, J!!!! ❤️❤️

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