“For you.”

My friend Brooke is in Austin with her husband. This morning she sends me a text with the words: “For you.” Below the message is a picture of The Paramount Theater in Austin. It was the smallest gesture, but it was the fact that she saw something out in her life and thought of me. In friendships and in relationships it doesn’t mean money spent. Or paragraphs of love written. Or even saying all the right things. It’s more in the silence. In the waiting. You almost feel the love more with what goes unsaid. Like you both just have a mutual, silent understanding that you care for each other. Does that make sense? All she did was send me that picture. She didn’t say too much. Just enough. It’s not anything that anyone says sometimes, it’s how they make you feel. In how they try and how they think of you when you’re not with them. It’s not about fancy word usage or proclamations of love. It’s about a whole lot of little things.


– J