Promises Fulfilled (or maybe not yet.)

There’s this thing I’m hoping for. That I’m confident God is calling me to.

It has yet to be fulfilled but I’m confident that He is refining me into who He wants me to be when I receive said promise. This refining time is difficult. But listen. It’s worth it. It’s easy to rush through it & busy yourself while waiting for that thing you desire so much. But what if we stopped for a second, were still, & asked God to shift our perspective and what it is He’s trying show us in this season? Instead of having our eyes on the prize, what if we realized we’ve had the ultimate Prize all along in Jesus? It’s our natural inclination to distract, but it’s quite the opposite of how we should wait. There’s a YouVersion bible plan called: “Kingdom Identity” that I recently completed. Day 3 was all about waiting and what to do “in the meantime”. I encourage you to check it out because it seriously shifted my perspective on how to carry myself through this season. (At the bottom of this post I also have Bible verses that have encouraged me in this.)

I’m not saying it’s bad to hope for God’s promises in your life to be fulfilled. But I think God wants us to hope in Him and wants to give us good things (aka Jesus.) because He loves us. I think if you’re hoping for the things God wants you to hope for that you will naturally seek Him in all of it. But if you’re seeking that desire more than Him, you need to reshift your focus to the One who you’ll never have to wait on.

One of my favorite bloggers Sara Gilmore said this:

There’s a piece of His heart to be found in the waiting” 

Something the Lord is teaching me right now in this season of waiting is to seek Him first and be fully dependent on Him. It’s okay to be needy with Him. To relinquish all control and fully surrender to Him. He knows what is best for us. I want to desire Him more than anything else. In this season of waiting I have no option but to fully rely on Him. He is my Comforter. My best friend. My Father. My One True Love. He cares for me. He sees me.

I see Him. When I look back. When I look around me now. I know He’s going to be present with me in the future. In every season. He is faithful. When the waiting is making you stir crazy. When you’re waiting for that promise fulfilled the whole time God is drawing you closer and closer to Himself to show you that He is the only Promise you need and it has been fulfilled since Jesus died on the cross for us.

My journal entries from three months ago to now are drastically different. Three months ago I was scared of the uncertainty and it showed. Fast forward to today and I’m still living in the same uncertainty, but that’s okay. He’s got me. I know that one day He will fulfill this promise that I’m longing and waiting for. However that may look. He is a good, good Father.

Until then.

I’ll be here. residing. waiting. in the meantime; with Him.

– j

Things that have helped me:

Sara Gilmore’s blog.

Scripture: Psalms 37:5&7, Luke 1:45, Mark 9:24, Mark 4:39-40, Mark 6:31, & Isaiah 40:31