You’ll See Me Tomorrow, because..

On September 10th it was World Suicide Prevention Day. (So I’m a little late to the party) An organization called To Write Love on Her Arms encouraged people to write on a piece of paper why “You’ll See Me Tomorrow”. You can view the video they made for WSPD15 here. Why you’ll see me tomorrow:

Because I refuse to let the darkness win. Because family. Because Mom and Dad need their daughter. Because of JJ and Angie, Brittny and Andrew, Erica, Taylor, and Natalie. They need their sister. Because my job as auntie JoJo is not over. There’s still so many kisses to give Adele and her sister. Because Greyson Levi, my nephew. And my nieces and nephews I have yet to meet. Because TEXAS. The people living there and the peace I feel when I’m there. Because I’ve got more Aggie Football games to go to. Because of Rachel and our Sunday nights at Starbucks. Because her fierce love for me in all my crazy forms. Because Passion tea, y’all. Because all of the DIY projects I’ve yet to do. Because Layne’s fried chicken. Because mac n’ cheese. Because there’s still so many coffee shops I haven’t cried in. 😉 Because I haven’t perfected my latté art. Because vinyl records, scented candles, and all the books I haven’t read. Because I still haven’t gotten that tattoo. Because CHRISTMAS. and cold weather. and christmas lights. and Christmas music. Because of the Photography business I haven’t started and the coffee shop I haven’t opened. Because of Celeste and her embarrassed laugh and how she’s helped me with my anxiety. Because of Becca and the coffee we’ve yet to try and our three hour Target runs. Because of the kids in my classroom and the hugs I get from them. Because Josh Garrels, and Will Reagan, and Ryan Adams. and all the songs I’ve yet to write. Because God isn’t done with my story yet. Because I’ve been loved before and I’ll be loved again. Because God is still writing my love story. Because of my future kids. Because they’re going to need their Mom to be there. Because I still haven’t seen the eiffel tower. Because there’s still so many trips to take. Because I’ve only been to London once. And I’ve never been to New Zealand. Because there’s still people to share my story with. Because that conversation I had with Mikayla in that coffee shop. Because sleeping in on a Saturday. Because there are still so many chances for me to be brave. Because there’s still cats to be adopted. Because I know what its like to be left completely alone and I won’t do that to the people I love. Because there’s still blog posts for me to write and pictures to take. Because I still have more walks to take with Jack. Because of the love I see in my Mother’s eyes. Because there’s got to be someone there to give my Dad a fist bump when he makes a corny joke. Because John Green and the stuff he says. Because of all the love I have yet to give and that i’m saving for someone special. Because sunrises and sunsets. Because fireworks. Because my story is still going. And I’ve got lots more corny jokes to make, so I have got to be here tomorrow.